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You have to consider many things before giving food to your pet dogs. You should vary the food according to your pet’s condition. Also you have think about the weight, age, and activity level of your dog. Many pet owners suggested Now Dog Food for its good quality it possessed. Every dog has special needs; therefore it’s necessary to give the right kind of food for dogs.

Petcurean Pet Nutrition (PPN), company founded in 1999, located in British Columbia, Canada. This company manufactured by a PPN utilizes concentrated forms of meat and farm fresh ingredients to formulate unique pet foods. They created the Now Pet Dog.

Their products are examined by the government agencies.

Their formulas are slow-cooked at about 90 degree Celsius to provide maximum utilization of nutrients from the ingredients. Their products formulas contain succulent meats, fresh ripe fruits and selected healthy vegetables that your pets would surely enjoy.

This dog food also has a rich and distinctive aroma that can stimulate your dog’s appetite and craving.

Now Dog Food offers the standardized level of protein and fat essential for the dogs and with Puppy Formula, Adult Dog Formula, Senior/Weight Management Formula and Small Breed Formula.

Here are the following guidelines to follow in choosing the right food for your dogs.
NO rendered meats
Rendering is a process where fats are separated from meat by heating slowly, same process to prepare meat for meals. Meat is no longer fresh in meals. The commonly listed as rendered meat are chicken meal, lamb meal, turkey meal. Some pet food manufacturers use meals but Now Dog Food does not include any meals and for it only uses 100% fresh meat as an ingredient.

NO rendered fats
-just like rendered meats, rendered fats are also cooked once before packaging the pet foods. The primary ingredients used in pet foods are chicken fat or poultry for palatability and coat condition. Now only uses 100% fresh oil that has the same quality of oil  used for cooking our meal.

NO grains
Some dogs may have allergies from grains. Now assures a lower risk of grain allergies they use healthy berries, fresh vegetables, and farm fresh fruits as substitutes. The berries and fruits act as excellent natural antioxidants in pets.

No ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT
Ethoxyquin, BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene) are fat soluble chemical preservatives used in pet foods. Now assures that their dog food does not contain such chemicals since they only render free ingredients such as Fresh Turkey, Duck and Salmon, as well as Coconut and Canola Oils.

Now Pet Dog has moderate protein and moderate fat content in dog food. Therefore, it is safe and healthy for your dogs.